Cheran, fire and hope

How they managed to take control of their city from organized crime, bribed corrupt politicians and police

Kill or Capture: Inside The CIA’s Secret Afghan Army

Six years since Barack Obama said the U.S. would leave Afghanistan, they’re still there and the war is as bad as ever

Gambia: Undocumented Lives

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, life for undocumented migrant workers and their families back home has become harder as the virus has increased pre-existing inequalities.

Blood On Our Side

As Ana grapples with the sheer volume of homicides in one of the region’s deadliest cities, she and her team undergo a special department inspection.

Born Refugee

We visited the Shatila Camp in Beirut to see how millennial refugees are struggling to make a life of their own in a country that denies them basic rights.

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